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Open Tray Pad Printer The 175 two color open tray pad printer is a device with high precision and performance. By setting different modes, the device can print one color or two colors, which can effectively improve printing efficiency. The solid metal structure can not only ensure the stability during operation, but also make the printer obtain a smooth surface to reduce scaling or corrosion. The sturdy and durable doctor blade can achieve efficient and even ink scraping to achieve excellent printing results. The paper tray printer allows users to freely adjust the printing speed to meet different requirements, and the open tray is also convenient for adjusting the ink. Features 1. The 175 two color open tray pad printer can efficiently print one or two colors. 2. The metal structure gives the product high reliability, and it will not produce much noise during operation. 3. The high hardness scraper can achieve uniform and efficient ink scraping, and its service life is also very long. 4. The printing speed can be adjusted freely according to different product requirements. 5. This product is applicable to the pad printing of tableware, textiles, clothing, electronic parts and other products. Detailed Pictures ApplicationFootwear and clothing industry, sports equipment, wine industry, etc. About UsOpen Tray Pad Printer website:http://www.niubulls.net/pad-printing-machine/pad-printer/open-tray-pad-printer/

12 Inches X 10 Inches Pergola with Retractable Canopy manufacturers Our History From 2001, Mr.Belly Shao Began to invole in the outdoor furniture industry till 2010, And Established Mainpex Int in 2011, Headquarters in HongKong Lianson Offices in Hangzhou, China, Staff qty: 20-30 peoples Showroom Area 锛?1200 M2 Facility: Factory locates in Langfang, Hebei Pro. With 2000 M2 showroom and 46000 M2 plant. Capaity: 300 containers /Month Main Our Product Outdoor furnitures; Fire pit/ fire place; Patio heater; BBQ Grill; Pizza oven; Gazebo/ Tent /Pergola /Fence Umbrella/Parasol Replacement cushions Pets Products Certificate CE/CSA /CTPAT/ISO 9001/WCA Production Market North America ,Europe & UK Turnover for 2019: 28M USD 1. In time international communication 2. OEM ,ODM available 3. Customer Training 4. ISO 9001 quality control system 5. Inspection 6. AD meterail providing 7. Marketing Research 8. DDP service After-sale: We have professional after-sale service team, Aiming at dealing with all possible problems for our customer soonest and properly Compensation and refund 2. 7/24 communication ,Includs on-site video inspection Win-Win project 1. Marketing research will help to know well the market. 2. 20-50 new products with share priority 3. Reawds /Support: When your order reach 1 million USD totally, discount will provide as a reward ,Also free tickets of round trip to China (7 Days) 12 Inches X 10 Inches Pergola with Retractable Canopy manufacturers website:http://www.mainpexint.com/

98% High Purity CBG Isolate Our History Hunan MiSo Biosciences Co., Ltd, founded in 2020, is located in the Changsha National High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Hunan Province, China. We are the international exclusive distributer for Hunan FangSheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (stock code 603998), which is a leading biopharmaceuticals manufacturer in China, and its subsidiaries. We serve as agent for selling the highest quality products including Industrial Hemp Extracts (CBDV, THCV, CBDA, CBG, CBGA, CBN, etc.) Chemical Raw Materials (API), Chinese Herbal Medicines, Plant Extracts, Medical Equipment, Purification Equipment, and so on. Our two founders once spent years working in European and American companies and public organizations. Being veterans in international exchanges, market development, project cooperation, and international trade, they are on top of European and American business cultures, market standards, and product quality. Exclusive Partner Our series of Industrial Hemp Extracts enjoy edges all the way ranging from breeding, planting, and extraction, in that we are strongly supported from partners in various fields. — Breeding: It is managed by our strategic partner-Institute of Bast Fiber Crops, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the only national comprehensive research institute dedicated to bast crop research. It cultivates high-quality seeds whose CBD and CBG levels are higher than market average. — Planting: We already get legal «Industrial Hemp Planting Licenses» and had 4 million square meters planting areas, where are based at Huize County and Chuxiong City in Yunnan province. We are planning to further expand the planting area. — Extraction & Processing: Our products are extracted by the first and world's only automated industrialized high-speed countercurrent chromatograph (HSCCC) for HEMP purification using new liquid-liquid partition chromatography (LLPC). Enjoying stable, reliable, and effective performance, the machine can be flexibly handled with large processing capacity. LLPC leads the way in global research and application of countercurrent chromatography. It does not need solid support to retain the stationary phase. It can extract the monomer components of industrial hemp with high purity. Compared with the traditional chromatography column extraction technology, it entails little undesirable consumption of the substance to be extracted, produces safe extracts (without any extraction contaminants) with premium purity. And the extraction line is reproducible and stable. Our Product At present, the company is mainly engaged in the sales of chemical raw materials, industrial hemp raw materials and derivative products. 1. API: ezetimibe, celecoxib, ibandronate, febuxostat, adefovir dipivoxil, etc., among which adefovir dipivoxil and ezetimibe tablets have been approved by Chinese National Medical Products Administration. In particular, we are the first and only company which has been approved to manufacture Ezetimibe in China. 2. Cannabinoids Series: highly purified CBD Isolate, Water-Soluble CBD, CBD Oil, Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil, Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, etc. 3. Minor Cannabinoids Series: CBDV, CBG, THCV, (On developing: CBDA, CBGA, CBN, 螖 9-THC, 螖 8-THC, CBC, THC-A, etc.) Other Customization services: We offer OEM service and attractive customization like product research and development, technology upgrade etc., which support our clients achieve their goal. Product Application Foods, Drinks, Pharmaceuticals, Tobacco, Beauty, Clothing, Pet Care, Tissue & Hygiene.98% High Purity CBG Isolate website:http://www.hnmisobio.com/

China industrial solar water heater Our History ZHEJIANG KESUN NEW ENERGY CO., LTD. is a group company established with merger of HAINING ENSUN SOLAR TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD and ZHEJIANG YILE NEW ENERGY CO., LTD, starting manufacturing and supplying solar heaters since year 2009. for worldwide wholesalers of solar heaters and solar collectors, Kesun Solar has been manufacturing for 11 years.Currently Kesun Solar provides jobs for 100 skilled workers and 20 office members. In over 150 countries and areas, there are Kesun Solar wholesalers. On avarage, Kesun Solar ouputs around 200000 solar heaters, solar collectors and air heat pumps every year. Our Factory ZHEJIANG KESUN NEW ENERGY CO., LTD. is professional on solar heaters OEM manufacturing, from small size 40ltier to big size 600liter. Kesun solar water heaters are designed, manufactured, inspected and packed at high quality level. OEM services include logo paint onto water tank, logo print onto package cartons and installation manuals. A lot of worldwide and national famous brands are using Kesun products. Our Product 1.Compact non pressure solar water heater 2.Compact high pressure solar water heater 3.High pressure solar collector / flat panel solar collector 4.Pre-heat compact non pressure solar water heater 5.Split high pressure solar water heater 6.Heat pump solar water heater 7.Solar air heater 8.Solar water heater accessories: assist tank, temeperature controller, electrical heater, megnative valve, magnesium bar, temeprature sensor, mixture valve, non return valve, p/t valve, work staiton, expansion tank, pressure water pump, etc. Product Application Water heating for residential usage Water heating for industry usage Water heating for government project Air heating for residential usage Air heating for industry usage Solar collector of water project Our Certificate Solar Keymark EN12975 Solar Keymark EN12976 CE ISO IEC for electrical heater Production Equipment Automatic steel feeder Automatic steel shearing machine Automatic logo painting machine 16 head high speed automatic punching machine Straight seam welding machine Argon arc welding machine Leak detector machine PU foaming machine Automatic packaging machine Production Market Mexico and Latin America- 67% 20million usd Asia — 26% 7.8million usd Africa — 3.3% 1million usd Europe — 3.3% 1million usd Our Service Before sales — quotation as customerize requirements, volume calculation, logo design, package design, water tank design, installation manual design, shipment budget planning, delivery time planning, etc. During production — production report, water tank leaking inspection, package confirmation. Aftersale — container loading report, document confirmation, document delivery or telex releasement, 5 years quality warranty.China industrial solar water heater website:http://www.ensuntec.com/

New Design Car Wheels suppliers 鈥?Our History Our company is one of the leading car wheels and wheel accessories exporter in Nanjing of China, which is very near to Shanghai. Our company was founded in 2009 and established by senior experts with more than 20 years experiences in auto wheel industry. We are available with wheels of all finishes (including chromed, full paint, machined and full polished), and we can produce wheels from 12"-28" to meet many customers demands. All wheels are designed with the maximum multi-fit (dual drill) capacity to provide caliper clearance for a broad range of vehicles. 鈥?Our Factory Our factories have passed ISO9001 and TS16949 certification system. And our wheels quality test are mainly based on JWL, VIA and TUV quality standard. We proudly offer our clients high quality products in time and with competitive price. 鈥?Our Product Besides the regular casting wheel, we also provide forged wheel rims and flow forming wheel rims, with lighter weight and much higher quality. And forged wheel styles can be customized. Besides car wheels, we have another product line of auto wheel accessories, including wheel nuts & bolts, wheel locks, adapters, hub rings, wheel weights, wheel racks, and many truck accessories, including wheel nut covers, hub caps, wheel simulators and so on, these accessories will make your wheels more beautiful and cool. 鈥?Product Application General 鈥?Our Certificate We have passed ISO9001 and TS16949 certification system. And our wheels quality test are mainly base on JWL, VIA and TUV quality standard. 鈥?Production Market Our products are mainly exported to customers from North America, Europe, South America, Southeast Asia and so on. 鈥?Our Service We closely evaluate every product we carry on our website and stand behind the quality and value of products. We even go as far as inspecting every item that comes through our warehouse. We have Experts available everyday to assist customers with choosing the right parts for their vehicles based on goals, needs, and budget. The marketing team takes the cumulative knowledge of the products and uses it to create more informative product listings to help anyone searching for parts get the best information available. If you have any problem after the transaction, we will actively solve it for you.New Design Car Wheels suppliers website:http://www.dh-wheel.com/

Customized Energy Storage Battery The microgrid battery storage system is an electrical energy storage device used in the microgrid, which can store renewable energy such as solar energy, so as to provide backup power support for the load when the power supply is insufficient or the grid fails. It is an indispensable and important part of microgrids. Products Description Our Microgrid energy storage system has a charging capacity of 1.38MWh and uses a 30-foot container (9125*2438*2896mm), which contains 4 battery clusters (including BMS), fire protection system, temperature control system, confluence control cabinet and 500kw off-grid Switch PCS automatically. Discharge Output voltage: AC 380V Output power: maximum 500KW Power supply time: 2.5-3 hours Charge Input power: maximum 500KW Charging time: 2.5-3 hours Function With grid-connected charging and discharging, off-grid independent inverter function, off-grid cold start function; Adjustable reactive power and active power; Strong load adaptability, anti-backflow and load following functions; According to the power of the transformer, the charging and discharging power can be intelligently allocated; On-off grid seamless switching, uninterrupted supply load; Flexible communication, support remote EMS command; Intelligent temperature control and fire protection system; A variety of working modes can be set flexibly, and the conversion efficiency is as high as 97.5%. This microgrid energy storage system integrates auxiliary systems such as air conditioning/fire protection/big data platform monitoring. Characteristics of Microgrid System The switching power is controllable and adjustable, which can reduce the impact of large-scale distributed power access on the power grid. Mainly renewable and clean energy such as photovoltaics, wind power, natural gas, and tidal energy, it is clean, environmentally friendly and autonomous. The microgrid basically achieves self-balancing of power supply and demand, and can operate independently. It is suitable for independent micro-grid areas such as no electricity and islands, networked micro-grids such as multi-energy complementary, self-generated and self-use, and scattered photovoltaic installations. Customized Energy Storage Battery website:http://www.dawpower.com/energy-storage-battery/

empty organic capsules factory Our History Passes through more than 30 years precipitation, has formed brand of empty capsule «Jian Pai». Since 1983, We, Xinchang County No.6 Capsule Factory, always regards scientific, standardized, high- quality as our responsibility. Dedicated to make high quality for global customers, we are striving to be benchmark in empty capsule field. Our Factory Our enterprise have nearly 100 employees, more than 40% are engineers and technicians. Considering sustainable development, we have adopted brand new automatic lines, advanced purified water filtration system and constant temperature and humidity air conditioning system. Also we choose best raw material and improve production process periodically. GMP standard is strictly performed within production, and forming an professional and high-standard set of QC and inspection system, in order to produce the high quality, safe, healthy empty capsules. Every empty capsule with the brand 鈥淛ian Pai鈥? is a reflection of our heart. Our Product Empty capsules: gelatin capsules, HALAL capsules, Vegetarian capsule(HPMC), Vegetarian capsule(Pullulan). Product Application Filling powder Our Certificate ISO9001, HALAL, CGMP Production Equipment Full-automatic capsule production line and full set of testing equipment Production Market Mainly in Asia, Europe, North America and Africa all have business Our Service Our products are mainly customized. We will provide you with services throughout the process. We will provide detailed consultation and services before placing an order. After placing an order, we will provide follow-up reports throughout the process, after sales, we will track the usage of customers and provide timely service and improvement work.empty organic capsules factory website:http://www.66cap-sules.com/

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