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Возрастная потеря слуха, также известная как пресбиакузия, является постепенным снижением слуха, связанным с возрастом. Это естественное явление, которое влияет на большинство людей по мере старения. Согласно статистике, около 25% людей в возрасте от 65 до 74 лет и 50% людей старше 75 лет страдают от потери слуха.

Slurry Pump manufacturers Model: DH® Series Slurry Pump Speed (r/min): 200~3800 Capacity (l/s)锛?.5-1500 Head(m)锛?-118 Best efficiency:40%-85% NPSHr(m): 2-10 Shaft power Pa (KW): 15-1200 Allowed Max Particle Size (mm)锛?4-135 Pump weight(kg): 168-34785 Discharge Dia.(mm): 25-450 Suction Dia.(mm): 40-500 Seal type: Gland Seal/ Expeller seal/Mechanical seal Material of Liner: High chrome alloy/Rubber Material of Casing: Cast iron Theory:Centrifugal pump Structure: Single-stage Pump Impeller Vanes:3,5 Type: Close/Open Material: High chrome alloy/Rubber Diameter:152mm-1370mm Model introduction: Product introduction: As one of the largest centrifugal pump manufactures in China, we provide a complete range of pumping solutions. With double casing construction, DH® series horizontal slurry pumps feature high efficiency, wear-resistance, stable performance and excellent interchangeability. The material of liner and impeller adopts wear-resistant metal or rubber. Discharge branch can be positioned at 8 different positions at intervals of 45掳. In addition to that, DH® series centrifugal pumps can upgrade to multistage, if the need arises. And for the drive type, it can be supplied with V-belt drive or direct drive configuration. The seal of shaft may be adoptable of gland seal, expeller seal or mechanical seal. Pump should rotate clockwise viewing from a driving end. DH® series horizontal centrifugal pumps consist of single stage, rubber lined, double casing, heavy duty, or mining heavy duty horizontal slurry pumps, ideal for various applications where long or large stringy solids will be handled. Slurry Pump manufacturers website:http://www.delin-pump.com/slurry-pump/

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Moissanite Silver Jewelry quotation Learn About Moissanite Moissanite is regarded as a diamond alternative, with some optical properties exceeding those of diamond. It is marketed as a lower price alternative to diamond that also claims less exploitative mining practices. Because of its hardness 9.25 mohs, it can be used in high-pressure experiments, as a replacement for diamonds. As the best alternative to natural diamonds: *Moissanite Hardness/Durability: 9.25 Mohs *Reaction to Dirt: Resist to dirt *Refractive Index: 2.65 *Color and Clarity: Little bit yellowish compared to cubic zirconia *Chemical Component: Silicon and Carbon Product Process Our Sercive We accept any design, any size, any color of 10K/14K/18K Solid Gold custom made work whatever you want! All diamonds are by hand setting, absolutely quality guarantee! If you are interested in, please contact us! Comopany Profile Zuanfa Jewelry is a jewelry manufacturer and exporter running our factory in Wuzhou,China, and your own pictures, samples and ideas are also welcome. We promise to offer you best design and quality, competitive price and prompt delivery. Contact us now for more information. Why Choose Us? Package & Shipping FAQ 1: How to make custom made order? Firstly, please send us your idea about jewelry, we need these details to give you estimated price: size, weight, detailed large photos from different angles, plain design or fully iced out 3D design. After we get these info, we will give you estimated price, so final value maybe different from original estimated price. Hope customers understand. 2: After I get quote, how to continue? After customers accept price, we will make invoice. Once payment done, we will arrange CAD drawing. Surely we will always show CAD to customers for approval. Any revisetment, please tell us in time to save time. 3: How about payment? Normally below 1000USD, we charge full money, above this amount, we ask for 30% deposit to start, and before shipment, charge final balance 70%. 4: How about shipment? DHL is our first choice, since it is safe and fast. If you prefer others, please contact us. 5: How about package? We use PP bag to wrap each pcs jewelry, then put them tidely in one box with some sponge paper inside to avoid any damage. More questions, please contact us anytime.Moissanite Silver Jewelry quotation website:http://www.blazingjewelers.com/moissanite-silver-jewelry/

Bulk Disposable Surgical Mask With over 10 years of experience in manufacturing medical instruments, we believe we shall always try our best to meet our clients' needs, and offer more value in order to grow up with our clients. With that believe, we have earned great reputation from our clients and partners around the world. Today, integrated with our strong R&D, advanced automatic production line and marketing service. We are looking forward to partner with you to provide cost savings, support and a partnership that will assist both our organizations to excel in our business objectives and together with you as leaders in the medical industry. Bulk Disposable Surgical Mask website:http://www.china-surgicalmask.com/

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