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Raft in stock

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Raft in stock MSL iSUP(material strengthen lightweight inflatable stand up paddle board) use of lightweight reinforced fusion material, commonly known as reinforced wire drawing material. The brushed fabric material is covered with a specially formulated adhesive that acts as both a seal and a bonding layer. Then, mechanically, the adhesive is pressed together with a layer of high-density PVC, a process that sounds simple but is difficult to control in practice. Because it is a mechanical operation, it can eliminate the instability caused by manual operation. There is one less layer of PVC and less glue than the double layer, but the adhesive in the middle perfectly enhances air tightness and strength. Therefore, lightweight reinforced fusion materials can not only achieve the strength and characteristics of double layer materials, but also greatly reduce the weight. And the overall surface is smoother, more excellent touch. But it's also usually more expensive. The MSL iSUP consists of three parts: 1.Main body of the board ModelBLS-149 N.W12KG G.W17.5KG M.L.W250KG Pressure10psi~15psi P.TypeOar blade or propeller Size320cm X 81cm X 15.4cm MaterialMSL Drop stitch fabric, PVC, EVA, glue, D ring, braided strap, SBR 2.Portable plug-in electric integrated Propeller 3.Accessories If you lend your electric board to someone else, the owner is fully responsible. They must first understand and read the manual and fully understand the necessary safety measures and risks. TransportationRaft in stock website:http://www.electric-supboards.com/raft/

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