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Printing Machine Recycling Machine factory

Printing Machine Recycling Machine factory Product Information This聽polythene bag recycling machine is mainly used for processing polyethylene and PP industrial wastes, such as polyethylene bags, printing and packaging films, and PP woven bags. This machine adopts European technology. It can also process renewable agricultural films. Since the machine is integrated with the agglomerator, there is no need to use an additional crusher to break large pieces of film, but the pre broken material will help to obtain higher output. Features The roller of聽polythene bag recycling machine adopts vacuum degassing area, so it can also handle a large amount of printing film waste. The process of material unpacking and material separation is completely closed, and each process is equipped with a dust collector, which has no dust leakage and low noise. The equipment is specially designed to separate the broken packaging bags from the materials, so that the materials will not be mixed into the waste bags or left in the separation device. Output 400-450kg/h Applicable voltage 380v/50hz/3ph screw Diameter: 180mm, length: 3600mm, material: 38CR with vent, exhaust screw; Gear box ZLYJ: 315; Motor 75KW Inverter Adopt international famous brand: HOLIP75kw; Screen changer Hydraulic upper and lower plate size: 300mm * 300mm; working pressure: 鈮?35MPa Control box Temperature control display:聽8 Zone; Schneider and China ZHENGTAI products are used for electrical appliances Heating Material: Ceramic; Heating voltage: 220 V / 50 Hz; Heating power: 2kw-3kw; Hopper Open parallel hopper Pelletizing Knife: two; Hot cutting; DryerMotor: 5.5kw Oil boxMotor: 1.5kw, solenoid valve starts; hydraulic oil: 46 or 68; Oil storage capacity: 40L; Random accessoriesTool box (button switch, heating rod, electric couple, scissors, shovel, pliers, etc. are randomly distributed)Printing Machine Recycling Machine factory website:http://www.mfglovemachinery.com/printing-machine-recycling-machine/

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