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Pump suppliers

Pump suppliers Product Description It's horizontal, single stage, axially split case, double suction, between bearing, centrifugal pump. It's suitable for pumping clean water or slightly contaminated water or liquids which is physically and chemically similar to water, where large quantity and certain head are required. The axially split casing design makes it's easy to remove the upper volute casing and rotary components without disturbing the motor and the pipework. And the double suction impeller ensures high efficiency. Model code Example: SBS 125 鈥?500 F SBS 125 鈥?500 F SBS 鈥?type SBS standard horizontal axially split double suction centrifugal pump 125 — Nominal discharge nozzle diameter(mm) 500 鈥?Nominal impeller diameter (mm) F — Impeller type Technical Data Application Water transport Water supply and distribution Irrigation, drainage and flood control District cooling/heating Certifications Packaging & Shipping A single set of pump will be packed in plywood cases with fixed timbers and plastic film inside. Container loading will be witnessed in our factory to make sure packing correctly without damagePump suppliers website:http://www.aborflow.net/pump/

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