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Dc Surge Protector manufacturers

Dc Surge Protector manufacturers 1Dc Spd 2p 1000v is applicable to new energy solar power generation system, with working voltage of 500V.800V 1000v銆?It is installed in the main power supply system of DC circuit to protect indirect lightning current, direct lightning current or other transient over-voltage. 3-1. Plug in surge protector. 2 The color of the visual window indicates the working state of the protector; Green (normal), red (fault). 3 Hot melt overcurrent dual protection Configure remote communication interface to realize remote control. ModelDc Spd 2p 1000v Pole2 pole Uoc max (V DC)5008001000 Uc (V DC)5008001000 In(8/20)us (KA)20 Imax(8/20)us (KA)40 Operating temperature range-40掳C~+85掳C Response time (ns)<25 Leak current 75% Uc 1mA<20渭A Up (KV)2.0 Product size pictureDc Surge Protector manufacturers website:http://www.gowiths-solar.com/dc-spd/dc-surge-protector/

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