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Bed Sheet Folding Machine suppliers

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Bed Sheet Folding Machine suppliers 1.Introduction Introduction: Fully automatic non-woven three-in-one manufacturing machine is a machine that can automatically produce disposable quilt covers, sheets and pillowcases. Using non-woven fabrics as raw materials, the complete process from feeding to finished products is fully automated, with high efficiency and low cost. The shoe cover product can be used in hospitals, beauty salons and hotels. Process flow: unwinding of 2 rolls of raw materials 鈫?ultrasonic edge sealing on both sides of the longitudinal direction (one side is left unsealed) 鈫?cutting the tape 鈫?transverse ultrasonic edge sealing 鈫?longitudinal M -shaped folding 鈫?transverse cutting 鈫?horizontal continuous three times folding 鈫?finished product transportation. 2.Specifications/Technical parameters/Technical Data Model ZDJK-1000 Product width 1000mm Product length 2000mm Production speed 20m /min Total power 19KW Working power 8KW Power supply 380V Machine size 5580*4702*2535mm (L*W*H) Raw material size Diameter 蠁: 鈮?6 00mm Effective width 鈮?10 00mm Ultrasound 20K — 3 setsBed Sheet Folding Machine suppliers website:http://www.rontech-machine.com/bed-sheet-folding-machine/

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