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Customized 3.5mm Audio Cable

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Customized 3.5mm Audio Cable Audio vidio cable In the process of making a video cable, first of all, the correct video cable and connector must be selected. When choosing a cable, you should first pay attention to its nominal impedance. There is a cable with a characteristic impedance of 50惟 that is very similar to a video cable in appearance and must not be confused. In addition, attention should be paid to whether the cable or connector is oxidized. The cable or connector should be scrapped or disposed of according to the situation. Otherwise, the oxide will cause the solder joint to be weak, resulting in serious attenuation or even interruption of the signal. Some manufacturers in the market cut corners and materials, and the video cables produced do not meet the specifications, such as: the shielding layer is sparse, the wire diameter is not standard, etc., so pay attention when purchasing. The selection of the connector should meet the needs of the equipment as far as possible, avoid the use of adapters, and the specifications should be used according to the specifications of the cables. Secondly, good crimping quality or welding quality must be guaranteed. The use of crimped joints requires very strict requirements on the diameter of each layer of the cable and the process of crimping. On the surface, it is relatively easy to make, but if you don鈥檛 pay attention, it may be falsely connected. If you often unplug it, the reliability will be lower., You should try to avoid using this type of connector. When you have to use it, it is best to solder it after crimping. At the same time, avoid using force on the cable when unplugging. Relatively speaking, welding-type joints have lower process requirements, but it is still necessary to pay attention to the specifications of the joints to be consistent with the cable specifications. The welding requirements are the same as those for ordinary electronic circuit boards. Finally, it must be checked for open or short circuits. Whenever a video cable is made, no matter what the connector is or how long it is, it must be checked with a multimeter to ensure that there is no open circuit or short circuit before it is considered complete. Perfect replacement 3.5mm male plug connector cable apply for most speaker, amateur radios, PA horns, CB, scanners, voltage trigger applications like morse key, cooling fans, power amp & other devices with 3.5mm Jack. Product drawing:Customized 3.5mm Audio Cable website:http://www.cableconnector.net/audio-video-cable/3-5mm-audio-cable/

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