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Single Reactor Pricelist

Single Reactor Pricelist Product Description: Glass reactor Introduction Crystallization reactor is a double-layer glass design. The inner layer of the double-layer glass reactor / double-layer glass reactor is placed in the reaction solvent to make the stirring reaction. The interlayer can pass different cold and heat sources (frozen liquid, hot water or heat Oil) to do the heating or cooling reaction. In the set constant temperature conditions, in the closed glass reactor, according to the use of requirements under normal pressure or negative pressure conditions for stirring reaction, and can do the reaction solution reflux and distillation, is a modern fine chemical plant, bio-pharmaceutical and New material synthesis of the ideal pilot, production equipment. Glass reactor Product Features: 1. Double-layer glass reactor using frequency control, AC induction motor. Constant speed, no brush, no spark, safe and stable, continuous work. 2. A full glass reactor with GG17 high borosilicate glass production, a good chemical and physical properties. 3. Glass sandwich interface through the hot oil through the cycle, can do the heating reaction, through the frozen liquid can be low temperature reaction. 4. Can react at room temperature, through the tap water that can quickly reflect the heat away. 5. Discharging mouth with a flange and PTFE valves, containers without dead ends, removable for solid material discharge. 6. Five reactor cover, large mouth design for easy cleaning, the standard port can be selected assembly reflux, distillation synthesis device. Company Profile: Dumas scientific instruments was established in 2005 and is a professional manufacturer focusing on extraction ,distillation and all of laboratory machine .The main products are :molecular distillation ,thin film evaporator ,rotary evaporator ,reactor and other type of equipment. The company鈥檚 products are mainly used in various chemical ,pharmaceutical and food industries.After more than ten years of development ,we have accumulated a wealth of user groups and product application experience. The Dumas factory covers an area more than 4000 square meters.It not only has a senior design and research department,but also has a strong production capacity .The Factory has independent glass processing workshops ,stainless steel welding workshops And accessories production and processing workshops to ensure the fastest delivery time and has the most flexible customization capabilities.We have won wide market recognition base on our serious attitude in technology and sincere service to customer.Our machine has been exported to North America ,Europe ,Southeast Asia and other regions. Dumas insist 鈥渃hallenge and innovation鈥?and constantly provide customers with better service. Product Details: Double-layer glass reactor ModelDR-10LDR-20LDR-30LDR-50LDR-100LDR-150LDR-200L POWER220V-50HZ Reactor volume (L)10L 20L 30L 50L 100L 150L 200L Speed range (rpm)0-4500-300 Motor power (w)120200 Discharge valveGlass jackted discharge valve with PTFE coreStainless steel valve Operating temperature range-120鈩?300鈩?br/> Reactor materialHigh borosilicate glass /stainless steel Stainless steelSingle Reactor Pricelist website:http://www.sh-dovmx.com/reactor-machine/single-reactor/

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