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China Power Accessories Leakage drain plug, referred to as leakage switch, also known as leakage circuit breaker, is mainly used to protect against electric shock in case of leakage fault of equipment and fatal personal danger. It has overload and short-circuit protection functions, can be used to protect the overload and short-circuit of lines or motors, and can also be used for infrequent switching and starting of lines under normal circumstances. Zhuhe is a high-tech industrial group integrating R & D, production and sales. It is mainly committed to the R & D and manufacturing of various PCBAs (printed circuit board components, including flexible board FPC and soft and hard board components, which are the core components in electronic products). In recent years, through the integration and layout of the industrial chain, its products and technologies have been diversified, including semiconductor devices, pulse motors, high-frequency transformers Inductors, etc., mainly focus on high-speed data transmission and communication, automotive electronics, medical electronics, industrial control products, energy-efficient power supply technology and other fields. Our Strengths We provide customers with one-stop service! We are the source manufacturer -10 years of focus on manufacturing high-quality circuit boards and efficient and satisfactory services We have a professional team — we have rich R & D / production experience in fpc/pcba/ic/ new energy and other fields We have considerate service — we provide considerate service from sample design to mass production 1. Can drawings and technical data be provided? A: Yes, our professional technical department will design and provide drawings and technical data. 2. Can the product be produced according to customer requirements? A: Yes, the above specifications are standard specifications. We can design and manufacture them according to our needs. 3. Are factory visits allowed? A: Yes, we welcome customers to visit our factory. Our factory is located in Xiamen, Fujian Province, Chinese Mainland.China Power Accessories website:http://www.zhuhepcba.com/electronic-equipment/power-accessories/

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